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Acrylic | 30"x24"

  • Background

    This beauty has been very patient with me.

    I began the piece four months ago and set it aside to create three other paintings.

    After my last show I told myself I could not begin another piece until I completed this one.

    So we have sat together this last week.

    A time I expected would be a few hours, turned into over 8 and a complete new layer was added.

    The name of this piece came to me as soon as the vision did…”Unstained Beauty”.

    A lotus flower emerges from the mud, flawless, unstained and draped in vibrant colors.

    It is simple, yet very elegant as it sits delicately in the mud in all its splendor just as it was meant to be.

    As I have pondered over posting this piece I realized it has been a representation of my life the past several months.

    Seeking to emerge with change while habits of the past distract me from moving to the next step.

    This last week found me peeling a few layers away, pursing with excitement what is next.

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