• Dawna

Think Before You Speak

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

So I'm in the check-out line with a few others. - Amish lady being checked - Man with a few items - Amish man with a few items - Me with my items in a bag on my shoulder - Up walks a very loud man, makes eye contact with the Amish man, complains about how heavy his items are, goes ahead and puts his items on the checkout table... Then says.... "What are all these people in costumes for, walking around the store dressed liked that, that's dumb!" OMG..... I'm dying inside trying to think through what I just heard.... The Amish man turns around to face the loud spoken man.... And I swear I could see the vapor of his words about to exit his lips....

And the loud man speaks again, "what do they think this is... Super Store wearing their capes around."...… as he points to an employee walking by. I know that the Amish man and I were thinking the same thing and I believe we were both equally relieved that neither of us spoke a word!

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