• Dawna

The Vase

This vase sits in my kitchen window where I find myself several times a day.

The vase is my first attempt at clay on a pottery wheel. It is an odd result, but I was super pleased with it.

It holds two roses, one to remind me of what was and one to remind me of what is to come.

One my 50th birthday I was given a cupcake with one candle, I waited until I was home to light that candle and send my desires into the wind.

I added the candle to this arrangement after blowing it out to keep it before me as a reminder of my goals.

Over the years I have looked at this many times wondering if I still believed in it as much as it believes in me.

As I stood before it yesterday, my mind ran back to my 50th and what has changed…..

Immediately I realized that was 2014, such a pivotal year for me.

I walked away from unhealthy leadership, I worked a few part time jobs, I slipped into a world of artist that would leave their fingerprints on me to last a lifetime, and the changes have continued to unfold.

Tears came to my eyes as I looked at this misshaped vase, dusty dried roses, and a lone candle that daily remind me of my amazing journey. Never give up on your hearts desires, find the peace in this and they will stroll into your life.

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