• Dawna

The Race

Children can be the best lessons we encounter.

They arrive pure, with unconditional love, no judgment, no hate...just ready for the next fun thing to do.

I had a pleasantly humbled experience from a four year old yesterday.

They approached me and asked if I would take them in the go cart around the track.

My initial thoughts were.... 'are you sure you want me?' 'My over 48 hour headache wasn't really leaning towards this activity.'

And then as quickly as those thoughts went through my brain, they were replaced with......'wow, they want to ride the go carts with me'; 'they trust me to take them to do this activity'; 'they believe we will have fun.'

So hand in hand we headed up the stairs to wait in line. We exchanged smiles of anticipation several times. At one point I felt their small thumb rubbing my finger as if to say, 'thanks for doing this with me'.

I looked down at them and my throat got a lump and my heart opened up a small place for this sweet one. They had chosen me to share a small moment in their life I will forever treasure.

We entered the last car in the lineup and proudly held that position the whole time. For us it was about the thrill of the experience and I truly believe it was just that for both of us.

We have the ability to shift our emotions and our thoughts by changing our focus. My headache was not gone after the ride, but my heart was a bit fuller for this brief moment with such a beautiful child.

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