• Dawna

The Power of Momentum

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

Today has been a day full of awareness.

It began positive, and was soon seasoned with the opportunity to spread a bit of positivity and kindness to a few co-workers.

Mid afternoon brought issues that took my bounce away. I struggled a while....refusing to give in to the negative energy.

By quitting time I was feeling momentum returning and had to run a few errands.

It was such a pleasure to sprinkle some encouraging words to those that crossed my path. Even grabbed a quick hug from a dear sweet friend I've not seen in a while.

At my last stop, while in deep study of a product a gentleman passed by me and said, "you look especially nice this evening".

I paused, looked up and said, "well thank you." He quickly followed with, "I bet you don't hear that very often." I said, "you are correct."

As I wrapped up my errands and made my drive home I pondered over my day.

It was a day of some challenges but the awareness I kept in tune with, helped me get through the challenges and spread some kindness to others and as my day drew to a close, the kindness came back to me.

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