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The Gift of Time is Now

I’ve been involved with several conversations lately about parents and their children. Maybe it’s the age I have reached, maybe not. Some of us are tending to the needs of our parents while also treading through the waters of parenting our adult children; and finding a balance of having time together.

I have memories of my Grandma and my Mamma anxiously awaiting our arrival years ago. They just wanted to spend time with us; an investment that cost nothing but often too difficult to give away so freely.

Most have schedules, plans and places to be and often don’t include sitting in a home that smells different than ours or engaging in boring conversations, while the mind escapes to happier places and we continue to look as though we are truly interested in whatever is being said.

I see life shifting as I step into the grandparent role while still parenting, desiring time with family, and yet I recall the busy life of a young family.

- How do we teach ourselves that ‘now’ is the gift of the present for those we love?

- How do we move ourselves to the place where we truly want their presence in our life?

- How do we shift our personal desires to make them apart of our life ‘now’?

These are questions that should be answered; once those we love crossover, wishing to have that time to sit with them and engage in conversations will be lost. – the gift of time is ‘now’ –

Aging is the circle of life, one that should be revered and its wisdom sought after.

I am embracing the unique way my gray hair is finding its place as it forms a crown of wisdom and experience. I marvel at the fine lines appearing as they remind me of the roads I have traveled and the knowledge I have gained over my lifetime. I seek to live fully, desiring to teach, guide, and dance through my remaining years.

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