• Dawna

Take Time to Pause

Music becomes beautiful not because of the notes but the spaces in between the notes. Otherwise, it's just one dull sound!

Those moments of pause allow the notes to create and produce breathtaking music that can cause time to stand still!

Our brain is like notes in music.

It is vital that we insert moments of pause to clear our thoughts and focus only on what we are doing at the moment - just breathing - so we can avoid living in one dull state.

Those moments can be walking, yoga, meditation, running, etc... Whatever you select make an intentional effort to do this everyday!

The beginning of the day is best, it sets the tone for your day. If it is another time that is awesome. The important part is to DO IT...consistently!

YOU are in control of your body, yes even your brain....thoughts, emotions, etc.

We create habits which train our brain, so create this new habit to retrain your brain to pause so you have the ability to produce breathtaking moments!


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