• Dawna

Sweet Potential

When we meet a new person we typically want to get to know them.

We often ask them to tell us about themselves; sadly, we have been conditioned to believe “getting to know” someone means sharing our past and all the wrong forks in the road we selected.

It seems like we thrive on receiving the negative information of someone’s past, so we can form an opinion of them based on their past. Which is truly unfair, since we were not there with them. We create what we believe we would do in their situation and form our opinion; again, unfair.

I think that is messed up! I don’t really care to talk about the past and yet recently I did just that and it has taken a few days to allow that gray cloud to be removed from my thoughts.

I have chosen not to live in the past; therefore, I prefer someone get to know me for who I am now and where I want to be instead of where I have been. I know my journey of the past has led me to the place that I am now, but it has also shown me directions I refuse to choose again. I feel those are my personal growth moments and I like keeping them personal.

Repeating parts of my past is not an aspiration of mine, so why would it make sense to revisit some places that have such negative energy; when embracing now and moving forward has such sweet potential.

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