• Dawna

Stuff in Our Life

After a long day...

I wanted to follow up. So thankful the temperature was not any higher, it was pleasant and many trees offered shade.

I was inspired by a few folks today, mainly those I worked along side.

One older man, unable to speak without using a device, worked so very diligently as we loaded and unloaded a trailer many times. I felt a little like he was keeping a protective eye on me. Probably wanted to make sure I didn't get hurt, I caught him smiling big several times at my musceled efforts.

Another young man, about 12, was more concerned with whittling a stick with a dull knife. He was a bit surprised when I asked him to let me show him a safer way to use the knife. We talked a bit, as I watered some plants, and he spoke about how the elderly need to be good examples to the younger ones and followed that with his own example of his struggle working with younger children that didn't behave.

I was smiling all the while he spoke. When he took a break, I told him next time he had the chance to work with younger kids, try to give them praise for the good things they were doing and they would put more effort to doing good. Focus on the good, not the bad. His sweet face just lite up like he had just received a prize. I do hope he tries this.

Another man and I began talking as we both decided it was time to take a break and sit down at the picnic table under the beautiful shade trees.

I had previously observed him painting inside noticing one arm didn't work well. As we sat enjoying the breeze he shared his story of experiencing a stroke in November. Based on situation at the time, his care was seasoned with unnecessary obstacles. But he has persevered and expressed much gratitude as we talked.

We all have stuff in our life....

- it will defeat us, if we let it

- it will define us if we talk about it enough

- it will change us for the better, if we allow it


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