• Dawna


God sometimes has me stop for someone I do not know. I don't know what the outcome for the stranger will be or even what I can do. But I stop.

I sit here brokenhearted after tonights stop. Her name was Robbie, homeless, carrying a heavy box filled with all she had; which she collapsed with on the side of the road as I was turning around to go to her. We discussed all the options as the night grew darker and the cold wind picked up. She was headed to her tent.

She said I had no idea what it was like being a homeless woman. Inside I knew she was right. She said she was there due to a layoff and having her purse taken. She shared a lot with me, she said she could not go on anymore and she wanted to give up. Everyone has a story, I don't know if all of hers was true; I do know I was prompted to stop and listen. To let her know someone does care and give her encouragement and hope.

I could not drive to where she was going due to the blocked road. We talked about her plan for tomorrow. I held her hands and prayed for her and cried with her. I told her "when" God provided something new for her, to remember this moment and thank Him.

I drove off in my 14 year old "fancy", as Robbie called it, truck. Headed to my warm home and pulled in the safe garage and will lay my heavy heart in a soft warm bed tonight... And say another prayer for God to do a miracle in Robbie's life.

No doubt I am a truly blessed woman!

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