• Dawna

Never to Read Again

I have neatly filed past disappointments and painful events in my library of memories.

These are placed on the shelf, "never to read again". Labeling them helps me stay focused so I do not mistakenly grab that memory again.

And then there are those moments, like today, when I find myself sitting with a beautiful soul, who in someway, is a reflection of my past.

So I find myself returning to the shelf "never to read again", pulling out a memory so I can use as a reference in hopes to share with them that they are not alone and they have the power of freedom.

After we have talked, cried and hugged; I quickly grab this memory with plans to return it to the "never to read again" shelf and just as I'm about to slide it back in place I realize it now must be moved to the "reference" shelf.

With a mixed spirit, one of more gratitude than anything, I know my memory was well learned and now it will only be reviewed when absolutely necessary.

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