• Dawna

My Mamma

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

She sat so patiently waiting for me to arrive. From a distance her face lit up as her aged eyes locked into mine. Tears rose in both our eyes as we embraced, knowing it had been too long. I treasured every word she shared - some refreshing and some heartbreaking.

I took in the beauty of her trademark full checks as she spoke. My eyes would gaze over her wrinkled arthritic hands. The elasticity far removed leaving the skin draping over the tendon and bones almost looking plastic in some areas.

She is full of great knowledge. She uses phrases like "A to Z" and "turn a hand" when sharing a story. She warms my heart and breaks it all at the same time. She holds a wealth of my family’s history that my soul aches to know. Though current events are fuzzy she can share the past like it was last week. I miss her cooking our Thanksgiving meal but I loved spending most of today with her. Her smile is contagious, her tears are real, and her love is deep.

So thankful for this moment of love we could share.

Just four months later her beautiful soul left its physical form. I will miss her so deeply. The word 'Mamma' will never fit another as it fit her. She taught me so much I could never remember it all; but her strength to persevere when life tells you to give up is at the top of the list. Her endurance when her knees were aching so badly, she would continue to sew, cook or walk despite the pain. Her love for quilting, sewing and treasuring the things of the past is buried deep inside me. She left me a legacy of love and the importance of family. She lived a full 96 years and I hold tightly the memory of the pleased expression on her beautiful face when I arrived to see her at Thanksgiving.

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