• Dawna

Moved to Tears

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing my large "Inner Tulip" hung in its new home.

My first thought was, "oh my, I have learned so much since painting this a year and half ago".

Then my thoughts quickly moved to reflecting on every stroke, every texture, every vibrant color, every moment of doubt and every hour spent in bringing this piece to reality.

It was then that tears began to roll down my face; the overwhelming comprehension that a part of my soul was in that painting. It's a part of an artist most will never know. And yet it hangs so beautifully so others may enjoy.

Knowing someone loves my art enough to purchase it, is a feeling of humbled gratitude.

Knowing what I have put into the piece for them to love it; deeply satisfies my spirit.

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