• Dawna

Making a Difference

About a week ago I gave a homeless man some cash at a stop light. When I drove away I was inspired to do more. So at my next stop I picked up a pair of gloves, warm socks and some food.

I returned to the same spot only to find he was gone. It was a brief disappointment but I knew it would go to another. So I waited for that opportunity.

That came this evening. I pulled up to the store and there he was, waiting for me, only he didn't know it. I grabbed the bag from my backseat and approached him letting him know I had something for him.

When I asked if he needed the items he was silent, staring off appearing as though he was contemplating an answer.

He looked up at me and said, "oh I can use them, but I don't deserve them."

And down came my tears, I sat the bag down beside him, placed my hand on his knee and looked him in the eyes and said, "oh hon, we all deserve everything."

That’s just what came out of my mouth. But that is truly what is intended for everyone, some just have a harder time figuring things out.

Homelessness has many facets that run so deep it takes more than food to heal them. It is an all encompassing package of healing that brings peace allowing change from the inside out.

I reminded him to take care of himself as I left the store. He thanked me with a tone of deep sincerity.

I desire is to make a difference, I hope I did for this one man.

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