• Dawna

Love Cost Nothing

“Thank you for being here, you are making a difference.”

Simple words that made an impact on my soul last night. I completed my third Monday night exploring art with those at risk and homeless individuals. An opportunity that has been placed on my journey, one that soothes a desire inside.

My first night was slow getting to know two who hesitantly came to the art table to explore some paint with me. Each week has allowed me to connect with different individuals. Last night a few were waiting when I arrived and seven individuals expressed themselves through the unending ability to create art.

I sit in awe at their enthusiasm to create; while at the same time I want to make their situation better. How can I do that? By just being there, listening to them and sensitive to my inner source that feeds me the words of clarity at just the right moment.

When I left last night a sense of peace settled on my spirit as I contently realized, I am not doing the teaching or guiding; it is they who are teaching and guiding me.

- They teach me to deeply appreciate all that I have

- They teach me patience

- They show me to cling to the reality of my dreams

- They remind me to love unconditionally

- They help me remember that art is what one wants it to be

- They fine tune my compassion

- They ease the useless burdens I mistakenly carry

- They brighten my week with their smiles and gratitude

LOVE cost nothing! When we add expectations and conditions to LOVE, we add a cost to it and create a commodity – LOVE has always been free!

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