• Dawna

Life is a lot like driving...


~ We make a decision to go to a destination; we get in our vehicle and head out. We may enlist the assistance of guidance on our journey; but ultimately we are in charge of the vehicle and the turns we make and whether we arrive to our destination.

✓ In life we make the decision to seek and achieve goals, we head towards our goals, often enlisting guidance; but ultimately we are in charge of the turns we make and whether we reach our goals will be solely up to us.


~ When behind the wheel we encounter many distractions; however, we have the power of whether we engage in these distractions. When my kids first began to drive I told them "when passing a semi-truck, don't look at it, just get passed it, otherwise you will be drawn into it." Distractions behind the wheel can often lead to destruction.

✓ Be careful of the things you allow to distracted you. If you look at them long enough you will be drawn into them, possibly leading to destruction.


~ The rearview mirror offers us the ability to take a quick glance of where we have been and see all is good. If we keep our eyes on the rearview mirror we will begin to believe we are headed in that direction and undoubtedly cause a collision.

✓ We have the fallible trait of believing our past will be our future. As long as we believe this and keep our eyes fixed on where we have been, we are undoubtedly going to cause a collision. Allow only a quick glance of where you have been so you can know all is good. Keep moving forward towards your goals!

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