• Dawna

I've seen Love

I was recently talking to an individual about my journey that began over a year ago with The Gathering Tree - Eden Village.

I shared with great enthusiasm because I love being apart of this community.

Their response was, "so you like helping the down and out."

.....I thought wow - you missed everything I just said - ....

I've never looked at one individual as down and out!

I've seen strength, I've seen brokenness, I've seen beauty, I've seen determination, I've seen sadness, I've seen hope, I've seen artist, I've seen potential, I've seen persistence, I've seen loneliness, I've seen gratitude, I've seen happiness.....

- But most of all, I have seen LOVE!!! -

But never down and out.

- Guard your words, they are often a reflection of your soul!

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