• Dawna

Ground Your Roots

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

I enjoy taking the opportunity to embrace a walk or ride my bike when the weather is beautiful.

Last summer on several of my walks and bike rides I was prompted to take pictures of tree roots. I had no idea why, but the inspiration was constant. So I gave in and did so on several different occasions.

Still unclear as to why I had taken the pictures. I was not led to create a painting from these, at least not yet. I placed them in a folder for safe keeping until I was guided to do otherwise.

Some eight months later when the tease of spring appeared, I decided to take a walk one gorgeous afternoon. As I strolled along observing the small glimpses of spring peaking out and soaking up the sunshine, I noticed a beautiful tree root.

Immediately all the pictures began to flood my mind and I asked the question again, ‘why did I need to take those pictures?’ And the answer came so clearly.

It was to teach me the importance of establishing a strong root. One that would be stable through the heat of certain situations, one that could withstand the coldness that is often unwanted and one that will blossom when its time appears.

It was a reminder that regardless of the conditions around me, I will be strong when I take care of rooting myself and keeping in alignment with who I truly am. It will allow me the ability to grow and spread far beyond what my mind can conceive.

My spirit leaped with excitement as I pondered all the possibilities that await me.

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