• Dawna

Follow the Prompting

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

When making the decision to check out at a grocery store I have become more accustomed to doing self checkout. It just seems to be the simplest choice at the moment.

Occasionally I will go to a checker if the lines are long in self checkout or I just feel drawn to do otherwise. Today I was one of those days to go through a checkers line.

I would be next in line for the one I selected. I smiled and made eye contact with the gentleman in front of me. He had a pleasant hippy style about him, which caused my hippy spirit to leap a bit inside. I was wishing him well and yet I did not even know him, I just connected with him for a brief moment.

I observed the items he was purchasing, not in a nosey way but in a ‘I wish it was more healthy food’ kinda way. I watched each item be scanned and then placed into the plastic bags. I felt a small sense of anxiousness from the gentleman.

And all of the sudden, as clear as it could be, I knew I was to pay for this man’s groceries. As the last few items were scanned I was inching my way closer to the gentleman. He pulled cash from his pocket and began to count it when I said, “I believe I am supposed to pay for this.” He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “for my bill?” I said, “yes, sir”…. he followed with “are you sure?”….. I said, “yes, I am” he thanked me and I swiped my card before he could say another word.

The sheer exhilaration from helping another person is beyond words at times. The clarity of what I was to do was beautiful and so fulfilling. His gratitude warmed my spirit. The moment was brief, but it was an impact to me and I believe one to this gentleman as well. I was guided to go to that checkout lane, that day, at that moment – so I could sprinkle a little love to that man!

Always follow the prompting!

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