• Dawna

Don't Fail to See

When I wake each morning I try to remember to ask how I can be of service today and express gratitude for all my abundance.

- Today was no exception...

As of my morning walk, my service has been rescuing a few worms from the hot sidewalk.

My walks typically are accompanied by motivational talks or the sounds of life.

- Today was a bit of both.

Life expressed its sounds through a lawn being mowed, children laughing, birds singing, cars passing, even a lady on her phone... But my most grateful moment was silent.

The amazing observation of a blind gentleman maneuvering his own path to take a walk through the neighborhood.

He was precise, had a set goal and unbeknownst to me he was successfully accomplishing his task.

Of course, my gratitude for my own sight was expressed as well as my gratitude for the opportunity to observe this individual.

We often get lost in the past, the negative self talk, the drama, the gossip, etc....

Failing to 'see' the beauty and the abundance each day gives.

It is truly all we have!

Embrace it!

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