• Dawna

Doing Life Mode

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Just before walking out the door I became sincerely appreciative as I was reminded of the generous moments sprinkled in my life yesterday evening.

I had three errands to run after work.

- the first place I stopped was to purchase wire for my paintings and was given an additional 10' for free

- the second place greeted me joyfully and gave me money for selling some of my note cards in their place of business

- the third I was showered with kindness from the employees at this store, I was sure they were only open for me

I was a bit distracted after work and knew I had a few errands to do.

I found myself in the "doing life mode" most of the evening. I was grateful and thanked each of them at all three stops.

However it was this morning that true appreciation rose from my spirit for what I had received.

- Do life in the "being and receiving mode". It will be much more rewarding - Namaste

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