• Dawna

Destinational Journey

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

My drive to work each day often amuses me as I observe those zooming pass me in order to arrive at their destination quickly. They encounter stop signs, red lights and such and then floor it to the next one. The irony of it is we most often arrive at the last stop light at the same time.

It reminds me of how some individuals zoom through life with the expectation of arriving at their destination quickly. They fail to calculate the various obstacles that will be placed in their path, which most certainly will bring them to a halt for a while. Those are the perfect moments to pause, soak up the view, and breathe in deeply before going forward.

Life is meant to be a journey. When I choose awareness and observe the things I pass everyday I experience more enjoyment in the drive. I’m content I will not be late, but will arrive to my destination at the exact time I am scheduled to arrive.

Namaste – have a beautiful day!

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