• Dawna

Deep Love

The unexpected moments that can only be gifted to me when I am in the place to receive, are the most beautiful ones!

While briefly waiting in the lobby at my acupuncturist, an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair was rolled to the counter to check out.

He looked at me and smiled and asked if it was still raining. I said, "just a little bit". He began to sing in his sweet aged voice, "rain, rain go away, come again another day."

I smiled as he sang and he responded with a smile when he was done.

He then looked at me and said, "we have our own theme song ..." - as he motioned with one hand to the elderly lady standing at the counter processing payment.

And with his next breath, out came the most breathtaking words that he shared with the love of his life almost 50 years.

She bashfully looked at me with eyes that said 'please excuse him for singing so loudly in this place of business...'

But he kept singing. Words the two of them had created and shared all these years. He was not ashamed of his deep love for her.

Her eyes met mine several times during his serenade as though she was still trying to apologies; but I just nodded my head and smiled to let her know it was ok and I was beyond honored to be in the presence of such powerful love.

When he was done, he looked at me and said, "my voice is not good due to some phlegm"; I had not noticed at all. I thanked him for sharing such a beautiful song with me.

He smiled back as though he accepted my words, but we shared a brief moment as time stood still that encompassed a lifetime of love for he and his wife.

I may never see this man again, but he left an impression on my heart and my spirit that I will always carry.

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