• Dawna

Choose Well

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

Often I hear others say how much better things would be or how much happier they would be if So&So would just change.

This is a misguided illusion! Things will never be better nor will happiness come if So&So changes. Even if changing So&So was possible, you would be robbing yourself of true happiness and the authentic individual you are meant to be.

Only one person can bring the happiness and change you seek and that is YOU. Stop waiting for So&So to get their shit together so you can be happy! YOU are the ONLY path to YOUR happiness.

How do you respond to others? How do you begin your day? What attitude do you carry all day? Do you look to be offended? Do you offer to help?

It's a mindset, It's an attitude, It's a choice! Choose well! Namaste

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