• Dawna

Choose Breathtaking

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

A few items of my grandfather's have a home in my curio next to a picture of him and my grandmother. He was taken too soon from his young family and his job as a printer at the local newspaper to fulfill his duties as a National Guardsman. Only those near him know what happened that December day in 1944.

· A piece of paper has been in a small box all this time and I've never unfolded it until today. It's stained and torn and filled with codes only a printer would recognize.

· Letterpress typesetting was much more detailed then, a metal strip with his name on it.

· A Bible signed by President Roosevelt.

· A watch with a broken glass leaves me wondering what year it stopped at 9:14.

· His shaving brush used so often paint has chipped away near the bristles.

I wish I could have sat with him and embraced his passion for life. To have listened to his stories and created my own endings. To have printed with him would have been absolutely amazing. Just once I would have loved to hear him share his heart on the depths of his love he had for my grandmother. A love so deep in her soul, it never left her over the next 66 years. A love I have often envied and yet ached as tears streamed down her face when she spoke of him.

We all leave some type of legacy, make yours breathtaking.

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