• Dawna

Appreciate Your Daily Life

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

The view of life through our eyes is always different than from others.

A few months back I was hungry for hibachi grill food, so I decided to treat myself and go alone.

I was seated at a table of couples and a family of three to my left. The thought ran through my mind briefly, that the evening would be nice to share the memory with a significant other. Luckily a glass of wine wiped that thought right away.

Early in the meal the father and child to my left went to the bathroom. I traded smiles with the mother and asked how she was this evening. Her answer was awkwardly vague and I followed with the fact that I decided to treat myself to a meal out. She looked at me with a set of eyes that held quite a bit of sadness and said, "what I wouldn't give for time alone".

Her family returned soon; however, her words lingered on my heart throughout the meal. I pondered why she must be so unhappy, her response had not seemed like momentary mother|wife exhaustion. But in that instant she found more comfort in being alone than part of a family.

It has only been recently that the memory of that evening has produces its significance.

We create our own happiness each day regardless of our living situation. It is not based on others at all! We choose to respond to circumstances in our life in different ways. --- good or bad --- We have control of how we respond!

That evening was nice and I enjoyed the food and the chef. I am grateful that I am able to reflect back and still learn from such a simple evening.

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