• Dawna

Always Give

I picked up my art piece “Do You See Me?” today from an art show that ended. As I placed him back on my wall I paused to gaze in his eye knowing I have a connection with him that moves me and yet I'm unsure what drove me to paint him last year.

It also allowed me to reflect on this evening of my art time with my homeless friends.

I never leave The Gathering Tree without a profound sense of gratitude and a full cup of humbleness.

I love that I can walk in, be greeted and have a full table of friends making art. We may have absolutely nothing in common and yet we may have more in common than either of us knows.

In either case, we connect! My best art supplies I take with me each week is love and respect! You would be amazed at the beautiful artwork an individual can produce with just these two supplies.

It goes both ways though. They help me clean up, they wish me a good week and look forward to seeing me next week. Tonight one even walked me to my truck with a flashlight and told me how much they appreciate me coming.

This is what love looks like. When you give to others, it will come back to you. Always!

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