• Dawna


It is difficult to affirm something we don’t have; however, that is the sole purpose of affirmations. To convince ourselves that what we are confirming is TRUE! To shift our deeper mindset (subconscious) to bring about what we are affirming.

When we seek something new, like a child learning to walk, we don’t give up or tell them they can’t do it. We encourage them with affirmations and help them continue to practice (affirm) until they believe they can do it.

The subconscious WILL magnify what you give attention to. So DO NOT deny or contradict what you have affirmed with your daily affirmations. This is a cycle of defeat. Avoid using the word ‘can’t’….this is an immediate block for the subconscious, by confirming you are not able to achieve whatever you just affirmed you wanted. Worry is the same type of blocker because it is based on fear.

The Universe is Infinite Source…..infinite, beyond what you can image…..Don’t insult it by disbelief or contradictions.

Be aware of how you begin and end your day – with gratitude and thanks. Also, remember that by doing these things you are benefiting yourself, your family and teaching your children. Sage and pray regularly together, separately, as a family for peace and joy to fill your home and your lives.

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